Tools I Use

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Great for curves and with the riser you can resaw to save on lumber.Great for curves and with the riser you can resaw to save on lumber.Great for curves and with the riser you can resaw to save on lumber.
This laser is one the workhorses in my shop. I LOVE using it!
Great small microphone transmitter and receiver
Does a great job dimensions my lumber. Gets a little dicey for longer pieces but great for the small ones!
This is the first audio interface I used and was great. Lets you use XLR microphones with a computer.
A vinyl cutter can be very helpful. We make lots of stencils for painting with it.
This is my go to square in the shop.
It took awhile to put together but man do I love using this thing. Pretty crazy when work is getting done and you can work on something else!
This was a step up from a construction style table saw. Has been great!
A pretty small drill press that covers the vast majority of use cases.
Increase material thickness by 6 in and add a rotary kit to the Full Spectrum Muse Laser
Really good solder station, digital temperature read out is a big plus.
Great miter saw! Love that is has a smaller footprint than typical miter saws
I've used a bunch of microphones in the past, this is by far my favorite!
A great system to assemble furniture fast with pocket holes
Awesome budget friendly diode laser engraver. Huge work area!
Probably the most used tools after the table saw
This is my workhorse camera, nearly all videos since 2019 have been shot on it.
There are a bunch of cheap versions, this has worked for me.
This is a 4-6W laser engraver, very useful for small projects for the price.
Awesome boom arms! You can buy cheaper versions (like I have) but you will regret it after the first time you try to adjust it live.
This is a combination audio interface and external recorder. There are much cheaper options but Sound Devices is rock solid.
This is the main lens I use, great price for what you get.
Awesome on camera microphone.
Best bang for you buck if you are looking to print larger items.
http://I've had several orbital sanders in the past and this one has lasted the longest.
This is my #1 microphone recommendation for people just starting out.
Lots of use cases, but mainly use it to test connections in electronics
Great for marking fine lines, holds an edge for a long time.
The single most used tool in the shop!
Great all around router.
Awesome lav microphone. I use this when I'm working a good ways away from the camera.
It can't handle huge boards but is really handy to adjust the thickness of smaller ones.