Make and Break


I’m Brandon Cullum and I’m here to help you make the projects you want and embrace the mistakes you make to get there.
Ever saw something and thought, I could build that?  
But didn’t know where to start?

Let me help.

We all make mistakes

Especially me.

I’m no expert and most of my projects are things I’m trying for the very first time.  I want to bring you along for the journey and highlight where I mess up so we can learn how to make it better the next time around.

So what will we make?

The maker world is huge and my projects don’t fall into one specific category.  You’ll find everything from woodworking to 3D printing with a good bit of nerdy flavor thrown in.

Even if you don’t want an X-Wing swing in your backyard I’ll highlight the things that worked and things that didn’t that you can use in your upcoming builds.

Here is some of the best stuff

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I’m not an expert…but they are

Since 2017 I’ve chatted with over 100 incredible makers on The Make or Break Show.  Each week we dive into their stories, their favorite creations and the mistakes they made along the way.

From woodworking, to metalworking, to droid building and even Hollywood prop building I bet you’ll find someone you resonate with.  

Some of my favorite conversations from the years: