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Did I Waste $1500 on a 50W Laser Cutter from China?

February 5, 2019

There are some things I would do a little different when purchasing my 50W laser from eBay. The main thing...look for a Ruida controller.

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Did I Waste $1500 on a 50W Laser Cutter from China?
The Good
The Bad
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Does it make sense to spend nearly $1500 on a 50W CO2 laser that gets imported from China? I dig into all the details and the types of projects that mine has been perfect for so far! #laserengraving #lasercuttingFrom unboxing to saftey to cutting/engraving we get into all the things this 50W C02 Laser from China can do #laserengraving #lasercuttingOne of the best things to use lasers for are engraved signs. We review my 50W C02 Chinese laser cutter and get into all the things it can do! #laserengraving #lasercutting