Makerbot, Bantam Tools and the Evolution of the Maker Movement with Bre Pettis

March 28, 2019
This week we chat with Bre Pettis the Co Founder of the 3D printer company Makerbot and is currently developing PCB milling machines with Bantam Tools. We get into Bre’s background as one of the original online makers and how his relationship with the maker movement has evolved over the years.



00:04:07 - Jim Henson Creature Shop
00:08:01 - Background in making
00:11:51 - Weekend Projects with Make:
00:17:21 - Maker Spaces NYC Resistor
00:19:13 - Start with 3D Printing
00:17:21 - Creating Maker Bot
00:28:03 - The intersection of art and technology
00:31:37 - Bantam Tools
00:36:57 - The evolution of the maker movement
00:41:57 - What Bree is excited about in the future
00:46:01 - [Where to find Bree](Where to find Bree)
00:46:31 - Bantam's Podcast: The Edge
00:47:52 - Shop Update

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