Furniture design in Fusion 360 for woodworkers like you
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Let's be honest...3D modeling is hard.

Learning any 3D modeling program can be pretty overwhelming. From just getting around the workspace to actually designing the piece of furniture that you want, it can get pretty confusing.

I know that because I've been there, I've taught myself how to model in Fusion 360 and picked up a ton of tips and tricks along the way. Specifically if you are a woodworker or maker wanting to visualize your designs before you get into the shop.

This is why I made this course, so you can skip the hours watching YouTube tutorials and reading forums and get to actually building furniture!

"If you’re looking to dive into Fusion360 this is where I’d start. Great pace and well explained."
David Piccuito Make Something

From Zero to 3D Hero

Never even downloaded Fusion 360 before?  No worries!

We start from a complete blank slate and walk you through a step by step process of furniture design.

Ideas into 3D Models

Got a great idea for a table but not sure how its going to go together?

Being able to virtually "build" your design helps you work through problem areas without wasting material.

Learn to Model Joinery

Designs look great from the outside but we all know some of the hardest is how it is put together.

Whether you are using pocket holes or traditional joinery, we will get into it!

Create Plans

The end goal isn't a great 3D model, it's a real piece of furniture.

I'll walk you through how to take your model and create custom plans that include multiple views, dimensions and cut lists.

Create Cutting Layouts

Got a great idea for a table but not sure how its going to go together?

Being able to virtually "build" your design helps you work through problem areas without wasting material.

Create High Quality Renders

What will your finished piece look like?  We will get into Fusion 360's rendering environment.

You'll quickly be able to change materials and colors to create multiple versions for you and/or clients!

Make it Move

Drawers and doors can be pretty tricky in a static design.

Sometimes it's hard to see how they will interact with your frame when they full extend and contract.

We will cover how to use joints to test out the functional elements of your design.

Design Exploded Views

It's hard to visualize how things will go together.  Enter exploded views.

We will get into how to design them and use them inside of your plans!

Exclusive Online Community

You'll get access to a private section inside the Make or Break Shop Community that is just for the course.  Get your questions answered, connect with other students and keep learning even after you finished with the course!

It has actually been super helpful in many ways, and I just love the way it helps me create more easily. I am no woodworker or expert at anything really. I am just making things that I am interested in and to have a tool that minimize the errors I usually make, well it gives me a boost of self confidence I guess and that makes me a better maker :)
Pierre The Swedish Maker

Who Made this?

I'm Brandon Cullum, the creator of the Make or Break Shop (YouTube Channel) and the Make or Break Show (Podcast).

I went to school for Aerospace Engineering where I was first exposed to 3D modeling and CAD. While in college I worked at General Electric Aircraft Engines and quickly saw the power of working digitally.

But I forgot most of that.

In reality I was looking for a way to build a kitchen table and wanted to figure out all the angles before I started cutting wood.

Enter Fusion 360. I saw the power in the program and how it could do so much stuff outside of just modeling.

It was just hard to learn.

Fast forward through hours of YouTube tutorials and diving into forms. I figured out a process that works well for me (as well as learning lots of stuff I really didn't need to know) to design a table or dresser.

I wanted to help other people skip the hours of Googling and distill it all down to JUST what you need.

And that's why I made this. So you can spend less time banging your head on a keyboard and more time making saw dust in the shop.


What's Inside

6 Lessons


Module 1: The Basics

In this module we will go over the fundamentals of Fusion 360. From downloading the program to getting to the point where you are ready to create your first model.

Welcome, lets get Started!

Download Fusion 360

Moving Around

Using the View Cube

The Component Tree

The Timeline

6 Lessons


Module 2: Core Design Principles

In this module we will look at some of the core concepts and techniques that make Fusion 360 so powerful. This is like a 20,000 ft view to the process before we dive into the details.

Rule #1: What is a component?

Rule #2: Name Everything

Rule #3: Defining Parameters

Defining Parameters Retroactively

Rule 4: Constrain Sketches

Putting it all Together

4 Lessons


Module 3: Basic Modeling - Farmhouse Table

Now that we've got the basics covered it's time to make our first 3D Model

Create a Sketch

Create 3D shapes

Create joinery

Apply material Properties

9 Lessons


Module 4: Creating Plans

Now that we have a 3D model it's time to connect it to a real world situation. We will cover cut lists, cut diagrams and plans.


Creating a Cut Diagram Sketch

Using the Align Command in a Cut Diagram

Using Joints for a Cut Diagram

Creating a Cut Diagram with Dimensions

Creating a Cutlist

Creating callouts for Specific Features

Creating a Drawing Template

[BONUS] Using the NESTER script in a Cut Diagram

2 Lessons


Module 5: Rendering

Let make our furniture designs look real!

Rendering Intro

Rendering Basics

16 Lessons


Module 6: Mid Century Modern Credenza

With the basics under our belt we will fully model a credenza. Including several mistakes and how I fix them along the way.


Setting Up Parameters

Initial Sketch

Constrained Sketch

Build the Top Components

Build the Base

Fixing the Frame

Build a Drawer

Joints: "Gluing" it together

Joints: Drawer Slide

Building the Bottom Drawer

Fixing the Bottom Drawer

Contact Sets to Limit Motion

Joint Limits



5 Lessons


Module 7: Trebuchet

To really highlight the power of joints lets build a trebuchet!


Trebuchet Example

Create the Frame and Throwing Arm

Build the Counterweight Box

Adding Linked Joints

Lets get started

Don't just take my word for it...

If you’re looking to dive into Fusion360 this is where I’d start. Great pace and well explained.

David Picciuto - Make Something

It’s awesome. For whatever reason I’m understanding it in a way I didn’t before, which I think has to do with your approach to it. So thank you for that!

Caleb Harris - You Can Make This Too

It’s awesome. For whatever reason I’m understanding it in a way I didn’t before, which I think has to do with your approach to it. So thank you for that!

Davis - Jennie and Davis

I really like how you made it all modules where you can take a bite of knowledge and chew on it for a while before moving on to the next one. Great idea. Learning Fusion is like drinking from a firehouse so it’s good that you broke it up.

Drew Fisher - Fisher Shop

Finally getting the hang of Fusion 360 🙌🏼 shoutout to @makeorbreakshop for the Fusion course.

Andrew Goings- Ago Builds

My skills were lacking and it was because I jumped to trying to make advanced level stuff and I missed the necessary building blocks. Now that I've learned the correct way it is sooooooo much easier for me to quickly model things as needed and make them scale.

Jonathan Katz-Moses - Katz Moses Woodworking

As someone who’s never used a program like Fusion 360, I thought the course was very well organized! I really liked how you walked through simple things like how to download the program itself, what the view cube is, etc.

Jennie - Jennie and Davis

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?

The course starts as soon as you sign up and you have access to all the lessons!

Can't I just find this all online for free?

Totally!  Check out Lars Christensen on YouTube, he puts out some of the best Fusion 360 content on the web. The value of the course is in the process. This is specifically designed for woodworkers and makers.  Fusion 360 is a HUGE program, but we will just focus on the elements that will help you get a design out of your head and into the shop as fast as possible.

What about CAM and CNC?

This is a topic that deserves a lot more attention than what is inside this course.  I'm planning on creating a CAM specific course for the future that will dive into all the nuts and bolts you will need to know for both CNC and 3D printing.

How much does Fusion 360 Cost?

Fusion 360 is free for hobbyists and businesses making less than $100,000 per year in gross annual revenue. Check out the specifics here to make sure you qualify.

What if I want a refund?

Thats totally fine. If this isn't the right fit I'll issue a full refund.

Why not just use Sketchup?

Sketchup is great, it is actually what I first used when I started with creating models of builds in 3D.  But Fusion 360 is a lot more powerful and gives you the ability to do more with the models you create.  I did a video comparing the two if you want more details.

How long will I have access to the course?

For all time!  Since this is just the first version you will also have access to all future versions and additions that are put out.

I've still got questions

Feel free to reach out to me at!

Will I get access to the course all at once?

Yep!  You will get all modules and all lessons as soon as you sign up.  Plus access to any future updates and additions to the course.

If you don't like the course, I'll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Here's the deal: if you don't like the course, I'll give you a full refund. No questions asked. Period. But do me a favor: at least give it a shot first before asking for a refund.