William Osman Laser Cuts All the Things....

When William Osman wanted a CO2 laser he decided to build his own.  This week we dive into his hilarious (and amazing) YouTube channel as well as the stories behind some of his craziest builds.


Brandon: We want to welcome you guys back to the Make or Break Show. This week we are hanging out with an awesome creator today William Osman.

Brandon: You're in California is that right?

William: Yeah So Cal.

Brandon: OK. OK. Very very cool.

William: Just north of LA.

Brandon: Good Stuff.

Brandon: I think your first video I came across it might have been on the Making It podcast. I think they mentioned seeing you at Maker Faire in California and you were doing the like the angle grinder or cotton candy in like I open of the video and I'm like what is going on? And I was like oh this is this is so good your stuff is your stuff. Amazing.

Brandon: Amazing in air quotes.

William: Definitely airquotes. No I mean your stuff... the videos in general are just as great. But kind of want to get into your background because I know you've got some like actual formal training in engineering. Like as a kid were you that kid there was always kind of like messing around like making random stuff?

William: [00:01:02] Yes I always made stuff I had. I mean not useful stuff but I remember having like a box of like toilet paper rolls you know just like kind of building materials that I would like try to make things with. You [11.9] know I never like making great stuff I feel would be more arts and crafts. Yeah but sort of Legos as well I guess helped. My parents bought me like the first Mindstorms like you know.

Brandon: Oh yeah.

William: Electronic legos.

Brandon: . Yeah yeah.

William: I think I had like the very first version of those. I still have it somewhere. [00:01:29] But yeah I was definitely always building stuff as a kid. I think I had intentions of being you know a scientist whatever that means as a kid. [8.4]

Brandon: Right.

Brandon: [00:01:41] Was there anything that like stuck out like grown up that you remember building.

William: I remember trying to make like a really terrible ice cream machine out of the Lego Mindstorms set where it would like rotate a bottle like it would rotate... I can't remember what it was. It's like a roller and you stuck like a plastic a round cylinder on it and then you had another one and it was ice.

William: It didn't work.

William: I mean I tried I tried to like make it too big and tiny little motors for this Lego Mindstorm kit couldn't keep up. [30.4]

Brandon: Ye ah. So were you always like trying to do like trying to hack stuff like to do other things.

William: Yeah especially in like high school so like like elementary school middle school would probably be more of like kind of building kits and stuff like that.

William: And then high school definitely started doing more hacking stuff. And you know it's just progressively gotten...you know I guess I've gotten better at it so you can start making more practical and useful things then you can when you first are trying to.

Brandon: Yeah yeah.

Brandon: When I was growing up I was super into rockets. I actually went to what I went to school for, and so all I remember it was like cooking my own like rocket fuel like in my garage.

William: Oh.

Brandon: And like looking back on it now, man I could like caught the entire... Like we we blew up like rockets in the front yard and all kinds of crazy stuff.

William: That's not so bad. I did that stuff in high school too.

William: And as long as you don't like I don't know it's not... It depends on how much that stuff you're making like rocket candy...because we've made quite a bit.

Brandon: And you have to get really hot.

William: Yeah you have to you really have to do something bad to mess that stuff up and it doesn't even explode. You'll just smoke your house up.

Brandon: Yeah. Yeah. We were doing a test in one of the engines. And so we just had it like on a rig so we could shoot it into the ground. And I think that it got clogged because we're like we built the engine too. It was like concrete it was dumb.

Brandon: But it turned into like a pipe bomb like in our front yard.

William: How big was it?

Brandon: It was probably probably three feet.. the engine was and so we were just and it was like maybe two inch diameter pipe.

William: Wait you had three feet fuel?

Brandon: Yeah yeah three feet of fuel.

William: Oh crap.

Brandon: Yeah we were yeah.

William: Was this is PVC?

Brandon: Yeah.

William: Yeah we just blew one of those at the beginning of the year it was horrifying. We had a Wii Fit. People keep asking about what the Wii Fit was because a video while ago I said I broke my Wii Fit so we're doing a different video.

Brandon: Yeah.

William: But then we never got back to that Wii Fit because the the balance board measures It's like weight.

Brandon: Yeah.

William: I hacked it to basically spit that data out over usb. And then we stuck a rocket on it upside too measure the impulse. And I had a two inch PVC. It's like you know maybe eight.. eight inches or 12 inches long. I think it was like nine inches of fuel cord it out and two inches in diameter and stuck it inside of a PVC rocket engine. And then stuck the PVC rocket engine inside a piece of steel pipe.

Brandon: Oh wow.

William: Took a big four inch steel pipe and the steel pipe was a very very good choice.

Brandon: Yeah yeah yeah. Did that contain most of it?

William: It is a video. I have a video on my sort of my my personal channel I of it exploding. But yeah it was pretty scary. And so we were going to put it on a skateboard. And so we decided not to put it on a skateboard.

Brandon: That that's so good. Glad to hear that people blown blown up stuff. I think it was like going ahead what were you saying.

William: It peaked at like 190 pounds you know.

Brandon: Yeah. Yeah. That stuff is wild. I think it was like the site Inverse Engineering if you like familiar with that. There's a guy that does a lot of like custom rocket stuff. And like I was all over that in high school he's in some really cool stuff. So when did all the making stuff that does kind of lead to like hey if I'm going to do this like a big boy I wanted to do like like engineering. Is that kind of?

William: I think I always knew I mean I wish I had this kind of more well documented in my head or whatnot but I always knew I wanted to like you know make stuff and and pretty much in high school. I knew I wanted to be some form engineer and I like building things so I guess the really only logical conclusion is like mechanical engineering.

William: And so I remember a lot of people struggling to figure out what they actually wanted to do and I think you will still struggle trying to figure out what they want to do you know because it's a pretty big commitment for college and pick the thing that you're going to do the rest of your life. And I felt pretty lucky because I basically knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Brandon: And so you went to a California State.

William: North Ridge, California State North Ridge.

Brandon: Gotcha. And it was mechanical and electrical?

William: Yeah.

William: I majored in mechanical and I took a bunch of electrical classes like I mean you're required to take some but I took stuff outside of what was required. And I think I ended up taking a couple of classes that straightup weren't required for mechanical engineering with the maybe thought of doing a minor. But I didn't want to sign up for the miner until I.. you know because it's like if you sign up for the minor and I need an extra class and start another semester I didn't want to do that. So I ended up my last semester there. It was either going to be a really easy semester and not do the minor or and make a kind of kind of crappy semester and do the minor so I just did it. I sucked it up and did it. It took like two extra classes or two or three extra classes and got the minor scale.

Brandon: Were there any projects you guys were doing that were fun?

William: In school? Yeh!

William: So we did. We did. I mean nothing like super exciting until senior design I kind of wish that there were more like like sub senior design projects that aren't like clubs I guess. [00:07:38] I wish you could have like that like a project that you do every single year because that's when you learn a lot like you have to know how to build something before you know how to design something. [8.2] And so the coolest project we did was definitely senior design and that was a UAV and I didn't build the plane but we had to... It was like a team of like 50 people. It was insanity. It was like too many people. And we built a plane and we built like all autonomy... Well I think they bought the autopilot but we.. my job at least was doing all the imaging.

William: I built like a camera gimbal in the plane and you could control it. So it had like an arduino that was driving everything. And it was connected to a Raspberry Pi or I think I don't even I can't remember now at this point. It's like for three four years ago. But yeah basically a pretty fancy UAV didn't fly very well. But other than that it was pretty sweet.

Brandon: Yeah. It's really cool. Our senior design did aerospace engineering in school but all of our stuff was like on paper. We basically built like a C-130 on paper so we'd like I never went into engineering like I want to like build stuff and all that and I'm like man this is all like computer like I want to like actually get in the shop and do stuff again.

William: That's frustrating.

William: What school?

Brandon: I went to Georgia Tech. I'm from East Coast. So how did you get into video stuff? I came across the Short Walk is that right.

William: Yeah. Did you find that?

Brandon: Yeah there's like a Pokemon Versus a like. Man this guy know how to do like VFX and like 3D graphics all that kind of stuff was that just like a hobby to?

William: That's a hobby. So John, camera man John he went to school for filmmaking. But but all that stuff is high school like we took filmmaking filmmaking classes in high school lounges. There is I've got some stuff I went through in private it a lot of stuff. When this channel started growing because we you know it's you have problems that you never realized... you think you would have the instant you start becoming more successful on social media.

William: Yeah.

Brandon: People started digging through everything in. And so I kind of went through and did a little bit of a purge but I think there's still some stuff that we did in high school on that channel.

William: It's just a hobby like it was it was just totally for fun and we thought we could you know try to make you know cool videos inspired by like Quarter Digital and Freddie W and those guys. But you know we never really got anywhere with it.

Brandon: Yeah. Yeah. That's really cool.

William: We spend more time more time making them than people would spend time watching.

Brandon: They were pretty good there. They're really funny. Well sweet. How did you then get into doing video like this. Like the making stuff side of things. Was that just another video you put on that channel.

Brandon: Like how hard can I get going.

William: The Making stuff... So I I but we basically had kind written of making videos like at a certain point you know we're making these silly videos you don't make any money off them it's like you spend a huge amount of time and they like progressively would get more complicated. And so that we would be spending longer and longer making them trying to like you know trying to make a popular video.

Brandon: Right.

William: And so he's kind of basically it was kind of dying like it kind of it kind of sucked like to this you know take this part of your life that you'd spent 10 years making videos with your friends and be like oh you know we can't really do this anymore.

William: And so I'd kind of written it off. And I I started you know I've been building stuff in like working on projects basically for for a long time in like personal projects like an LED panel or like this HDMI monitor buying like the monitor module LCD module and driver and basically laser cutting my own package for it so that I can you know have a like high definition inexpensive external monitor.

Brandon: That's cool.

William: You know just kind of silly projects.

William: And so I had seen some people that did a pretty good job documenting their builds on like a blog and I'm like you know that that's probably something I should do.

William: My intention was to basically start blogging projects and go back to my old projects and blog those as well to document them more for myself and you know applying for jobs in the future so I could send them like a single reference I guess.

William: [00:11:47] And then I was like well wouldn't it be kind of cool to make like a video over viewing one of the projects. And I think we did for the telemetry of this like Arduino telemetry system I had built for a friend's formula a car and so we did that and then we kind of started making more [20.0] like we just made another one we made one I think about the skateboard, I think that was the second one. And that was all kind of inspired by like Applied Science and there's a couple of other YouTube channels that do really really science. Applied Science that guy is a bad ass. And it just I don't know. I don't know. I mean that's where it started.

Brandon: And this was what this is last year right?

William: Yeah. Just just over ago.

Brandon: OK. Because the first two are pretty well kind of like not like on the nose like it was pretty much straight forward like you like you're walking through the stuff but it kind of fun watching like the progression like I think is then the next one with the laser cutting the unusual toy. Like at the end.... was that your wife that was on screen?

William: Not at that time. But she is now.

Brandon: OK. It's like she pulls it and then she just like she's like is that it? And so like I was like are started to feel more like getting into like the stuff you are doing now. Then how did that kind of evolve like were you just kind of.

William: You mean how did it devolve.

Brandon: How did it evolve into what it is now. How about that.

William: Yeah I think that's what it is now is a lot of like our old type of videos coming through. Yeah. Originally it was my intent was to kind of be more educational. And it's really difficult to have a sort of silly strong personality on the internet and not have people just completely shit on you.

Brandon: Yeah.

William: So I think it kind of was like a slow progression into the sillier stuff to try and make it more entertaining. Because we you know I kind of realize that YouTube gives you all the analytics and stuff and I wasn't looking at it too much at that point because not too many people were watching the videos. But you can tell like audience or rettention and so pretty early on we realize you know we have to do something to make it more entertaining.

William: You know I mean we had no plan. There was no plan.

Brandon: Right right right.

William: To have a gig a YouTube channel like I don't think anyone ever plans I mean you can hope but there's not like a set of rules you can follow to have a huge YouTube channel. And so we just slowly started kind of like trying to make it a little bit more entertaining and slightly maybe a little bit less educational more more info-tainment and hopefully inspirational because people just don't watch educational stuff on YouTube. So it's sort of like I said you know devolved from trying to be kind of a science educational maker channel and into just more of a science maker entertainment channel.

Brandon: That's cool.

I mean you know it's us like it's still it's totally camera man John and I so like there's jokes and stuff in there like that.. it's all us. A little bit more natural kind of who we actually are.

Brandon: Yeah. Is it ever weird now because I know it seems like you've really blown up especially here in the past few months. Do you ever do people ever come up to you like expecting that like almost over-the-top like piece a li ttle bit and they're like wait wait a minute... like do you get that at all>

William: No...Not really people are used I think I don't know everyone that we've met so we've met very few people have actually come up to me in public. I think like one or two people have actually recognized me in public with no contexts.

Brandon: Gotcha.

William: But when we when we've done like a meet up or going somewhere where we know you know like I a Maker Faire you know when I run into people at Maker Faire. I actually have asked people so like am I what you expected or what?

William: And everyone has said pretty much yes I think they understand that you know the videos are tightly edited and a little bit over-the-top sometimes and it's not like me in real life in the videos like that's not me. You're not going to like hang out with me and see that.

Brandon: Yeah.

William: But it's very similar.

Yeah that's cool, really cool.

William: I toned it down a little bit.

Brandon: Yeah. So it's always been you and cameraman John.

William: Yeh

Brandon: So much fun having someone like with you to interact with. And she can because like a lot of like on the maker her side of things it feels like it's a lot of like to talk to the camera or.

William: Right.

Brandon: ...Like you're by yourself. But the interactions been a blast.

William: And it's really hard to to talk to the camera by yourself.

William: And honestly if he like couldn't do it anymore I don't know what I do. It's not the same. Yeah it's it's really really difficult to try and talk to a camera by yourself. Like I'll say that I'll try to say the same thing over and over and over again if I have to film something by myself to try to make it sound more natural.

Brandon: Yeah.

William: And you know if he's filming it's just you know I'm just talking to him.

Brandon: Yeah.

Brandon: So how did how did the laser... how did that enter the picture?

William: I had a friend who I met him as we met him on Reddit r/lasercutting because he had someone was trying to have parts and he said OK this is the zip code where it was shipped from. And it was my zip code and I was like oh what where is this guy.

William: So I messaged him. It's like right...Like I don't know like five miles away. So I'm like hey is it cool if I come over and check your lazy and he said Yeah. And he was my age I think a couple of years older.

William: Anyways that's where I would get some stuff cut and he would charge me like 20 bucks and I'd cut a bunch of stuff so it was like he'd make a little bit of money and I'd save a bunch of money because laser cutting is pretty expensive. And then he moved to like Orange County which is three three hours away from me.

William: So I was kind of hosed because I wanted to cut some stuff and I was looking on Craigslist and found some guy like five hours away in a town in Southern California who had started trying to build one and then either got in over his head or didn't have time. And so I bought that from him for like $1400 I think. And that was a laser to the gantry... He think the power supply like like basically it was like it was like one third of the laser.

Brandon: Gotcha. Gotcha.

William: So I modeled the whole thing up in Solidworks and built an enclosure for it figured out how to mount the laser tube and everything and had to modify some of the stuff he had done and then I had to like design and build a Z-axis because he had you know he hadn't done any of that. And I spent a couple of months building and then stopped when I got functional and so now it's basically half built. But pretty much 100% functional.

Brandon: Yeah that's cool. I mean you're doing all this like a full time job is that right?

William: No I did well....

William: I kind of I kind of haven't had a job since I graduated. I'm trying to be like my own stuff like I was building this motion control system that I had intentions in doing like a crowdfunding campaign. And I kind of stopped doing that and then I and started working on a different project with a friend that was an attempt at same thing to do like a crowdfund campaign it was automated like watering or automated water sensor for your plants. Like know when to water your plants. And then we sort of kind of got pretty deep into that and realized that maybe this wasn't such a good idea because there is a lot of people doing it.

William: And then and then I started working as a consultant for a company that I had worked for in college and and that is about last year and that's when I started doing... We started the videos and so I basically was working and doing the video at the same time. And then pretty much have stopped taking jobs now.

Brandon: Gotcha. When did the video side kind of start taking off like was there like one video that like really got rolling.

William: No I have a pretty good idea of how this whole process happened.

William: So the first thing that really kind of drove a bunch of traffic was the skateboard so we made a skateboard and well nothing happened when we first made that video.

William: But I sent that skipper to Braille Skate and that drove I think like 25 30,000 views because it kind of pissed off a lot of their audience. They they're kind of disrespectful with the whole thing like they take it for granted that people make and send in this stuff. And so like I had scored them a pair of trucks like sweetly titanium trucks. I had I had hounded this company for you know it's like you know $100 for the hardware and they didn't put them on the board they like they like took them and pocketed the skateboard.

William: And then they skated the board just fine. And at the end they start smashing the boy. He starts like curb stomping the board like he was already falling apart at that point. But it's just like it kind of hurts to see that you spent like five or six hours making you feel like stomped on by these guys anyways like Long story short their audience was pretty ticked at them. And so I had a bunch of people come to the channel and watch the video and subscribe.

William: And those were the kind of the wrong subscribers because I don't know what they expected. They expected more skateboards or whatnot. But the next video we put out we had a lot of unsubscribers. And so we sort of just kept like you know trudging along and like the first big break was the Backyard Scientist gave the channel a shout out.

And that was like over and I think 10,000 people subscribed and that is sort of the audience you want to because they're already you know used to watching kind of science related videos.

And and it just it kind of from there in a couple of months I think up till like maybe May we got like another 20,000 So at that point we had like 30,000 subscribers and then something happened like at that point I enabled monetization and all the videos because we hadn't been running any ads before that in like a week or two later it just exploded and we got like 100,000 subscribers and in like two weeks. Crazy it was like nuts.

Brandon: What was that. It wasn't like like seeing that like go like that go gang busters.

William: It's a really bizarre feeling because we had you know been making videos for like eight months at that point that nobody was watching. Like you know some people watch them but it just it's so weird to see stuff that you had done like you know a year ago or so not like eight months like we did the skateboard and like the pumpkin robot and stuff like that.

William: And like nobody had watched them like you know some of these videos had like like 30 views for like weeks and weeks like you know literally nobody was watching and then all of a sudden have you know tens of thousands of people watching the videos. It's like it's just really bizarre. It's kind of almost feels like a relief. Yeah. Like you've put all this work in and there's actually some pay out.

William: I don't know. It is truly a bizarre feeling because it's you know I'm just a dude like you like.

Brandon: Yeh.

William: Like 12 months ago.

Brandon: Yeah.

William: All of a sudden you have a bunch of people that like know who you are and you know care what your opinion is. So it is a truly bizarre experience.

Brandon: What's your wife think of all of it.

William: She's OK with it. She the videos have a lot of just kind of exaggerated reactions like the car pulling string. You know I you know I told her to you know not be interested. Like.

Brandon: Yeah.

William: It's. She get people say mean things about me. She she's supportive.

Brandon: Yeah yeah.

William: And she's a full time job she's a teacher so you know it's it's she's kind of my enabler really.

Brandon: Yeah. Yeh when I see stuff like catch on fire like inside where you guys are at. I'm like you and your wife has to be super understanding for all of this.

William: Yeah she is. That's it. Sometimes it's frustrating for her. Yeah. I mean she understands that it's like yeah I mean there's a freaking laser in the house how worse can it possibly get.

Brandon: Yeah yeah thats cool.

Brandon: So on some of your videos you're getting people to ask you like tell me to make something like make something crazy. Has there been anything. Like people said like not just being dumb but like you like this is like two out there. Like I don't know if we could do do some like that.

William: [00:23:58] Yeh people there's a lot of requests and people don't necessarily understand the sort of process of actually making what they're requesting. I can't think of it like it's hard to think of specifics but people ask for some like some crazy stuff. There's no way that's ever going to happen. I think someone said something about like a particle accelerator.

William: I can't do that. [21.0]

Brandon: Yeah.

William: I'm not CERN.

Brandon: Yeah yeah yeah.

There's a lot that are just too much too big or that are kind of like rehashing the same thing like go get a lot of things saying to basically take the VIN DIESEL and make like another celebrity out of it.

William: So we're not going to do that again like it's if we already beat that into the ground with the one video.

Brandon: Yeah yeah. No joke when the disk sander like flew off in the middle of that might be one of the funniest things I've seen on YouTube. Cause like in your face after I was like what just happened.

William: It's actually still on my desk I can see it right now.

Brandon: Really?

William: It's like my computer. The device is not there anymore. It's somewhere else but my computer is basically right where that disk rolled to that's just sitting on the desk.

Brandon: That's good. That's really good.

William: Walk us through... and then there may not be like a rhyme to the reason that now that you guys are putting out videos it seems like a lot more consistently. Is there like a general flow that you guys have.

Brandon: Do you have like hey we're now we're going to build this project in like two months so I have to order all this stuff.

William: That's part of how we how the projects are picked like the timeline because right now we're actually like two videos ahead.

William: So we have an ice ice cream bike we an exercise machine into an ice cream machine. So we and we went to Harry Potter world at Universal and hacked the wand system.

Brandon: Oh cool. That's really cool.

William: And so those two are basically waiting to be edited. And that gives me a free time to come up with projects or take a little bit more time.

Brandon: Yeah.

William: But it's a lot of like panic and not having any idea what's going on and posting videos way later than we should have because it's really difficult to like find the project you know is going to be quick.

Brandon: Yeah.

William: But also entertaining that I also want to do.

Brandon: Yeah.

William: So it's it's hard to describe the process but I mean essentially we pick projects or projects pick that hopefully it will take like less than a week hopefully just a couple of days and then we'll do it and then film it and then edit it and then just vomited it on YouTube like as quickly as possible because we need to post a video.

Brandon: Yeah.

William: But when we went to like the East Coast and we hung out with people and Hacksmith and I Like to Make Stuff in Babis we we sort of have a backlog now and we've been ahead for a couple of weeks which has allowed us to keep up with that weekly schedule.

Brandon: That's cool.

William: And it's it's really hard though like it's really difficult like a video week is so much more challenging than most people realize.

William: [00:26:59] You have to design something like I have to go in and make a thing you come up with it how to do it design and then film it and then edit it. It's just like it's an insane amount of time like it's two... It's like a full... It's more than a full time job for me. [11.8]

Brandon: Yeah because it's not like you're just like vlogging and like you say this is my life like you got to do something that is entertaining and works and does something cool.

William: Yeah. And I think the extreme example of things going you know taking too long is the mechanical TV because I didn't know what I was getting myself into and that it would take a week to do that.

William: And then a week later I was like Oh man maybe we can finish this in two weeks and it's like I was like another week after that we ended up basically taking an entire month just to try and finish that stupid thing.

Brandon: That's crazy. That's really crazy.

William: Yeah that's it's really really much more difficult than most people think to make it easy on YouTube.

Brandon: Yeah. Oh yeah. So you mentioned Harry Potter World. What's that like with Universal like was that something.

William: Oh hell no.

William: Yeah we just went and they didn't say anything. People I guess there's no reason you can't film when they see all sorts of videos that were filmed there.

Brandon: Yeah.

William: But they were weirded out with wireless audio and that was on top of the camera and so when we went through security there like looking at that and they're like, "What is this.

William: And I was like oh it's just a microphone and make it sound better.

William: And I don't know what he thought. I don't know if he thought it was like we were doing something bad or they like aren't supposed to let you in with certain kind of levels of equipment like filming equipment like I don't know, but they let us in.

Brandon: That's fun. That's really fun. So yes like do in like with all their sensors like the RFID stuff.

William: Leave it on the pattent and a couple of months ago and then. So this project is one of the more time consuming ones so we actually went a couple of months ago and we had after reading the patents and it's actually not RFID that things are completely passive it's just like our reflective tip.

Brandon: Oh yeah yeah.

William: And infrared cameras in the park.

William: Yeah yeah.

Brandon: Because I turned like it gets like an Elder Wand like a few months back and I also like to make this like interactive and I feel like I ran across something like that. Were like a guy was controlling a lamp and it was like reflective and I think that's pretty cool.

William: Yeah. So a lot of people have tried to figure out how to hack it and I don't think anyone's really done it successfully yet. Cause I was looking a bunch online to figure out what other people had done. And it's not much people have not very much.

Brandon: I'm looking for is that then.

William: Yeah.

Brandon: To borrow some of your stuff.

Brandon: And the other thing I wanted to ask is get one of the videos I think is in the description or maybe Is this a joke during it.

Brandon: You said like something sponsors be like oh it was you're talking about I think about not Solidworks but.. shoot... you were talking about slicing.

William: Autodesk slicer.

Brandon: Yeah. You're like I'm not sponsored like I don't know why anyone would sponsor and then was like I'm in this thing has like nearly a million views. Do you like do you get approached by sponsors now or are they just kind of like...?

William: Yeh we have.

William: And we you know it's we're trying to figure out how to do it in a way that isn't like.

William: It's like advertising to the audience is like a really tricky thing. And people like will take offense to it if you don't do it right. Even though they don't understand like I have you know bills to pay and we make like this channel makes a lot less money than I would make if I had like a real job.

Brandon: Right. Right.

William: And we can we could make more money then, then I would get a real job but then we have to start doing sponsored stuff.

And so we have to figure out how how to do that appropriately and we have been approached and we're still trying to figure out how the whole thing works.

William: But yeah we have.

Brandon: Gottcha, that's cool. So will the kind of the two questions were asked and everybody that comes on that we'll wrap up with.

Brandon: I think you might have already answered them already.

Brandon: So we're call it the Make or Break Show. And so the "Make" question of all the things that you've built. It doesn't have to be for YouTube or any stuff recently is there something like You look back on it like you're the most proud of?

William: Definitely the mechanical TV thing it's like witchcraft.

Brandon: That's cool.

William: That thing was like horrible to make but the instant it even kind of work I was like it was like the greatest feeling I was like oh my god if I get a payoff.

Brandon: Do you still have it?

William: Yeh its kind of sitting in the corner and the electronics is still shoved somewhere. But I want to get a second version. But yeah I do.

Brandon: Gotcha gotcha. So then on the "Break" side of things you probably have a lot of these. Is there one.... Is there anything that really stands out... of like when something's gone wrong. And this is the top of it.

William: Yeah either that that rocket skateboard explosion or the mechanical TV.

William: Probably the rocket skateboard get but I mean that's like the one video that we started working on and like it's even partially edited and we just completely stopped it.

William: And part of the reason on that too is that we live in Ventura which is close to a Thousand Oaks in like six months prior to this rocket skateboard video these high school kids... like one of them like accidentally died trying to do like rocket stuff.

William: Like they were trying. They were literally trying to make a rocket skateboard.

Brandon: Yeah.

William: And it blew up. And one of them died. And so it was just like at the time.. is this like... is it just like too close like physically and timewise to that sort of thing.

William: But I don't know. I feel like I feel like we should still make that video and then show the explosion and show people the consequences and the proper safety precautions. Like a lot of times you see stuff on the Internet and you're like oh it looks easy.

Brandon: Yeah.

William: And it looks safe. So I feel like you know even if it's dangerous if you show it's dangerous maybe people can learn a lesson from your mistakes.

Brandon: Yeh. Oh yeah totally. That's cool.

William: I definitely would call that call that the break one like the rocket skateboard.

Brandon: As far as the futures concerned. It's kind of the stuff you're working on now is that what you get really like doing or is there other stuff out there that you want to get into?

William: I kind of like the stuff we're doing now because like time wise it's not. It doesn't take too long it's too expensive. There are some things that we want to do like we've been talking with some other YouTube channels and we want to make.

William: One thing I really want to make is a remote control cars like a real car that's control. So like rig it out and then do other stuff with it.

Brandon: Yeah.

William: And so Alan Pan is Sufficiently Advanced... He was actually on the search for the MythBusters, One of the contestants.

William: And we want to do like a demolition derby like a twitch controlled demolition derby or some sort of you know live stream controlled demolition derby.

William: It would be so cool.

William: You remember Twitch Plays Pokemon?

Brandon: Yeah. Yeah.

So that but with a demo derby.

Brandon: Dude, that would be ridiculous, that would be so cool.

William: That's going to take a lot of time and space and money.

William: So I don't know when that will ever happen. That video would not pay for itself unless there were a bunch of sponsors.

Brandon: Yeah yeah that's cool. We'll sweet I appreciate your time hanging out with me and chatting as far as places you'd send people, is it just YouTube is that the main main spot that you want them to go?

William: Yeh just the YouTube channel they want.

Brandon: Gotcha.

William: Other than that I'm most active on Instagram.

Brandon: OK, cool. And is it just with William Osman on everything.

William: No. Instagram is @crabsandscience.

Brandon: Oh yeah. I meant to ask you where did the crap's come from? You've probably explained it before.

William: I was doing a lot of crab fishing when I made an Instagram account off of the local pier. And so I just was like What is my user name. Like I do crab fishing and I do. So how about crabs and science.

Brandon: Well man I appreciate it.

William: Thank you so much for talking with us. Thanks for having me.

Brandon Cullum