Making a Business Modifying Tools with TBD CNC

This week we chat with Luke Wilson the owner of TBD CNC. We get into what it takes to custom your CNC and how Luke how built a business around it.

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00:02:37 - How Luke got into CNC
00:04:05 - High School Projects
00:08:03 - Industrial Engineering
00:09:47 - Getting into CNC
00:11:05 - Current shop layout
00:12:43 - Beginning CNC modifications
00:17:50 - Building a CNC modification business
00:21:29 - Perfection vs Shipping
00:24:57 - CNC's making CNC's
00:26:49 - When is a CNC not a CNC?
00:30:13 - Upcoming projects
00:32:14 - Autotool changers
00:33:07 - Luke's custom CNC
00:34:48 - Where to find TBD CNC
00:35:48 - My Shop Update


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Brandon Cullum