Making Leather Bags with Dave Munson of Saddleback Leather

We chat with Dave Muson the founder of Saddleback Leather.  Learn how Dave turned a service trip to Mexico to building a company that makes leather bags people will fight over when they die.

Saddleback makes amazing leather goods that includes: bags, briefcases, backpack, wallets and more.  
In addition to an awesome product, they also have one of the best taglines out there...They will fight over it when you are dead.

The best part about Saddleback for me isn’t their bags (even they are great) but it’s the back story.  As many of us are starting to set goals and dream about what 2018 can hold, you might be thinking.


  • Getting started in youth ministry [2:10]
  • Motivation for moving to Mexico [3:16]
  • Living on $100 a month [5:41]
  • How Dave got his first bag made [7:24]
  • Selling the first bag [10:54]
  • Transition to a company [15:22]
  • Finding great employees [18:37]
  • Meeting his wife [19:55]
  • Transition to multiple products [21:31]
  • Creating the first business plan [23:20]
  • How to make a viral video [26:52]
  • Why quality matters [30:41]
  • Turning flaws into high value products [34:08]
  • Dave's favorite bag [35:41]
  • Backstory of Love 41 [36:56]
  • Biggest lessons learned [40:45]
  • Best places to find online [42:45]


Brandon Cullum