Keeping it Basic with Modern Builds Mike Montgomery

This week we chat with Mike Montgomery about how he has grown Modern Builds to over half a million subscribers on YouTube in a little over 2 years.


  • Would he do a collaboration with Kevin Durant?  
  • How Mike got into making  
  • How taking wood shop in middle school inspired Mike  
  • Mike's first start in home construction  
  • What drew Mike to making  
  • Music production engineering background  
  • Why Mike got out of music  
  • Getting into YouTube  
  • How Ben Uyeda from Homemade Modern influenced Mike's direction  
  • Where the name Modern Builds came from
  • Why putting yourself out there is the key to growing
  • When YouTube started to take off  
  • The first time Mike dealt with trolls  
  • Why Mike initially stuck to basic tools  
  • The balance between practical/entertainment videos  
  • Why Mike knew he was going full time from the start
  • Mike first sponsor deal  
  • What the Modern Maker Podcast has been like  
  • Mike tiny house project  


Brandon Cullum