What it is like to be a professional woodworker with Guy Dunlap

This week we chat with Guy Dunlap from Guy’s Woodshop.  Over the years Guy has owned not one but two professional woodworking businesses and he shares the lessons learned for anyone thinking about doing it too.


  • Guys start in his Grandad’s woodshed.
  • Why woodworking for Guy?
  • When woodworking was all power tools in the 70’s.
  • The influence of Norm Abrams and Roy Underhill on making furniture.
  • What it’s like to be a professional woodworker
  • Lessons learned from Guy’s first pro woodshed.
  • Guys’ first recordings in his shop.
  • Why Guy is ok with having a very niche audience.
  • How to transition from pocket holes to fine furniture builds.
  • Why Guy uses his bandsaw more than his tablesaw
  • Why veneering and how to get into it.
  • The best places to find veneer’s
  • Guy’s veneering equipment


Brandon Cullum