Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Inventing a Better Vise with Andy Klein

This week we chat with woodworker and inventor Andy Klein. We get into his recent twin screw turbo vise Kickstarter as well as his new jig to create pencils with a hand plane.

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00:04:36 - Andy's Background
00:07:28 - Chemical engineering
00:10:48 - Side Projects
00:17:56 - Quick Release Twin Screw Vise
00:18:41 - Fossil Table
00:22:14 - Folding Dado Miter Set
00:27:33 - Partnering with Rockler for sales
00:29:38 - The hardest part of product development
00:31:16 - Partnering with the Wood Whisperer
00:32:12 - Wood screw taps
00:34:40 - Twin turbo vise on Kickstarter
00:47:48 - Next steps for the vise production
00:52:17 - Pencil making jig
00:55:28 - Shop Update


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Brandon Cullum